Trichoderma atrobrunneum: Versatile effects

Trichoderma atrobrunneum, the active ingredient of our Avengelus product can make a significant contribution to improving the vitality of plants and to a healthy soil biology.

Natural antagonist

An antagonist is understood to be a species that competes for space and resources with another species, or strain within a species. Trichoderma atrobrunneum is a natural antagonist to many fungal diseases.

Fast growth

Trichoderma atrobrunneum is characterised by a short life cycle and high growth rates of up to 2 cm/day in ideal conditions. By comparison, the growth rates of basidiomycetes for example (division Basidiomycota, which includes the most common wood decay fungi in trees) usually grow 1 to 2 mm/day and the life cycles range from one to several years.