ZHAW study: Bioponics and hydroponics lettuce cultivation with the use of Trichoderma

In a joint project with the ZHAW, the use of Trichoderma in lettuce cultivation was tested. Lettuce (Lactuca sativa (“HAWKING” Salanova®)) was grown in bioponic and hydroponic systems; conventional soil cultivation served as an additional comparison. It was shown that bioponics cultivation was far more complex than hydroponics or soil cultivation. For example, nutrients are released more slowly in bioponics, which requires close monitoring and adjustment. Trichoderma atrobrunneum was also applied in all three systems to stabilise plant health and promote growth. The following observations were made:

  • The fungus, T. atrobrunneum strain T-720, survived in the soil and soilless cropping systems.
  • Compared to the hydroponic and soil systems, the shoot height of lettuces grown in the bioponic system with Trichoderma was significantly higher.
  • In the soil system with Trichoderma application, significantly higher chlorophyll, and flavonoid content but significantly lower shoot height was observed.
  • The fresh weight of lettuce roots was significantly higher in hydroponic systems with Trichoderma treatment.

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