Petrischalen unter dem Laminar flow im Labor von MycoSolutions

Customised Trichoderma-formulation

MycoSolutions produces its own tailor-made formulation for your plant

Our procedure

For the production of a tailor-made product, we first need a sample of the pest. We are happy to provide you with assistance in taking samples, as not all samples are suitable for isolation. You can find an overview of which samples are good or bad here.

After the isolation of the pest, i.e. the cultivation of the pest in pure culture, we carry out a dual culture test. This reveals the reaction of the harmful fungus to Trichoderma and vice versa. After the dual culture test has been completed, a lethal effect test is carried out. This is used to look at the growth behaviour of the harmful fungus after a Trichoderma treatment. If the harmful fungus cannot grow any further, Trichoderma was able to successfully use the fungus as food and break it down.

The production of a tailor-made product can sometimes take between three and four months. For further questions, please use our contact form.