Bestimmung von Schaderregern wie dem Schwefelporling im Labor von MycoSolutions AG

Determination of pathogens

MycoSolutions supports you in the determination of pathogenic organisms

Isolation of the pest

If the pathogen cannot be determined on site, we offer isolation and identification of the pathogen in the laboratory. For this we preferentially need samples of the fruiting body or the rhizomorph. If you are interested, please contact us. We will assist you with the sampling and provide you with a non-binding offer.

Here you will find an overview of “good and bad samples” for the laboratory:

Good samples:

  • Clean fruiting bodies
  • Rhizomorphic
  • Fruiting bodies which reach us within 12-24 hours.

Bad samples:

  • Dried up fruiting bodies
  • Fruiting bodies with soil
  • Mouldy fruiting bodies
  • Decomposed wood
  • Soil
  • Fruit bodies which need several days to reach us

PCR analysis

If we find that we are unable to clearly identify the pest, we can have a partner laboratory determine the exact pest via DNA analysis.


After successful isolation and determination of the pest, we provide you with a digital laboratory report.