• High quality requirements

    Our products are of best quality due to sterile production processes and solid fermentation.

  • High germination success

    If stored correctly, the spores are vital and germinate well.

  • Easy to use

    Our products are easy to apply for surface and soil treatments.

Trichoderma: How it works and possible applications

Film series with plant physiologist Dr. Nadine Brinkmann

Mode of action

Tree nurseries and new plantings

Treating pruning wounds or other injuries

Replantings in contaminated soils

Trichoderma products for trees, green lawns and gardening and landscaping

Innovative, sustainable products with the biological active ingredient Trichoderma for vitalising and activating the resistance of trees, green lawns, agricultural and ornamental plants. Our spores are cultivated on organic substrates using vital strains from Switzerland. This ensures that the spores in our latitudes are highly effective. Depending on the application, our microorganisms have been specifically conditioned or cultured in the laboratory.

Pre-immunisation by Trichoderma

New, environmentally friendly Trichoderma-product for wooden poles

The problem of copper-tolerant, wood-decaying fungi on wooden poles, which many telecom and electricity companies have to deal with, could soon be a thing of the past. Together with industry, we are researching a new, environmentally friendly solution to increase the service life of wooden poles.

Rapid growth of Trichoderma

Trichoderma mushrooms are characterized by a short life cycle and high growth rates in optimal conditions up to 2 cm/day. In comparison, the growth rates, for example, of basidiomycetes (fungi on stands, department showing the most frequent pathogens on trees) are usually 1 to 2 mm/day and the life cycles range from 1 to several years.

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